Brief History and links with the Community

Station Terrace Methodist Church was opened in 1893. Bricks with names stamped in them, and stained glass memorial windows helped to pay for the original building and some of these are still in evidence.

For many years the chapel was an important focus for the life of the surrounding community and there are still people living nearby who have long-standing links through membership, weddings, baptisms and funerals. The highlight of the year was the Anniversary which took place during the first two weeks of June. Preparation would begin weeks in advance with the practising of music, dialogues, singing and readings. Many learned their ‘piece’ by heart and some remember them even today! A band of singers would make their way round the local streets, shouting out the times of the services and inviting all to attend. The church would be packed to the doors with seats in every available space as all came to be part of the celebrations. Some of the pews converted into tables with benches and the children sat at these to enjoy a feast of homemade cakes etc. The remains of one such pew has been used to make the beautiful cross on the wall at the front of the chapel.

The ‘little chapel’ has survived the threat of closure on a number of occasions and particularly when other local chapels were sold and the much larger church was built at Doxford Place. Through it all, the vision of church members has been such that it has come through all the ups and downs and is now bustling with new life. Recent development saw the addition of a hall, kitchen and toilet facilities which were opened in October 2003. The chapel itself retains its original character and sensitive refurbishment has made it feel bright and fresh.

A conservatory was added to the hall in 2012 and Welcome and Doxford Place Churches are increasingly working together to see God’s Kingdom come in Cramlington.

The name ‘Welcome Methodist Church’ was adopted in 2000 as this was how it had been known locally for many years. The name could not be more appropriate – come and see for yourself – you are guaranteed a very warm welcome!